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„Let me tell you something…”

Hi, it’s us…

…and this is why we have the best job in the world: everything that’s been put to paper eventually comes together in the real world. Whether it’s a huge trade show stand with intricate details, a unique promotional car or any other event. Even if it’s the most crazy idea out there, we’ll bring it to life – together with you.

Managing Director

Nadine Wamser

Managing Director
Show, don't tell
media|lounge Pioneer
"There's no impossible."

Michael Wamser

Concept & Construction
Construction Expert
The Brains
"Concept is king"
Project Lead Event

Melanie Klug

Project Lead Event
Event Expert
Trade Show Wizard
"Because Klug means smart"
Project Manager Event

Florian Lenhart

Project Manager Event
Promotion Pro
Trade Show Expert
"Where's the problem?"

Mathias Steinle

Number Cruncher
Invoice Hero
"Problem... solved."
Service Manager

Kerry Comisky

Service Manager
Care Bear
Client's Darling
"Support is #1."
Technical Support

Arnold Gabrieljan

Technical Support
Trade Show Supporter
"Wow, a new video game!"
Graphic Designer

Sarah Buchwald

Graphic Designer
Pixel Jockey
Eagle Eye
"I looove Disney."
Graphic Designer

Alexander Kohl

Graphic Designer
Graphic Guru
Drawing Talent
"Let me draw you!"

Tobias Kreis

Helping Hand
Support Officer
"Let me carry this for you"
Project Manager Event

Lisa Herrmann

Project Manager Event
Trade Show Planner
Event Giant
“Franconia is beautiful…”
Project Manager Logistic

Oliver Rockwell

Project Manager Logistic
Workshop Wizard
“I’m able to fix this!”
Project Manager Logistic

Markus Froschauer

Project Manager Logistic
Logistic Pro
Gooooal, 1. FC Nuremberg!
“Stay cool – we can do this!”

Dennis Prüstel

Accounting Pro
Licence For Fairplay
„Let me tell you something…”

Benedikt Kleinschroth

media planner apprentice
Football Enthusiast
“Love to give a helping hand!”
Graphic Designer

Kerstin Schraml

Graphic Designer
Vector Twister
Ctrl + Z
Karate Smurf
Project Manager Event

Christina Hünn

Project Manager Event
Trade Show Apprentice
Food Lover
„I´m always here for you!”
Project Manager Event

Mona Lugbauer

Project Manager Event
Trade Show Apprentice
stress resistance
dog lover

That’s what we do…

…until you are absolutely happy. We organize any kind of event with and for you, whether it’s a trade show stand or a community event. You want to launch a promotion tour to present your brand in large shopping areas? We’ll take care of the tour planning, the four wheels and everything else.

Trade show concepts

Concepts | Construction | Stand Supervision


Organization | Realization | Execution


Tour Planning | Car Construction | Field Work

Community Events

Location Scouting | Planning | On-site Service


  • ,,Cowana ist für uns seit Jahren ein stets professioneller, zuverlässiger und freundlicher Partner in allen unseren Geschäftsbereichen. Als Partner des cowana-Standes auf der gamescom 2014 haben wir uns ausgezeichnet betreut gefühlt, die Zusammenarbeit war, wie gewohnt, geprägt von einer angenehmen Atmosphäre und hoher Professionalität. Besonders geschätzt haben wir die freundliche persönliche Betreuung vor, während und nach der Messe.”

    Thomas Bayer, Geschäftsführer Webguidez Entertainment GmbH

  • ,,Als Media- und Messepartner arbeiten wir mit der cowana GmbH seit Jahren erfolgreich zusammen. In dieser Zeit haben wir vor allem den freundlichen Umgang, die hohe Professionalität und die reibungslose Kommunikation sehr zu schätzen gelernt.”

    Vitus Hoffmann, Vorstand Web Media Publishing AG

That’s how we roll…



Planning, organizing, on-site supprt: these services are in our blood. If you host an event, you should be able to focus on your guests – fully relaxed. That’s why we have your back during each phase of the project.



Everybody can do a standard event. But our mission is to make sure that each of our events is unique and unforgettable. That’s why we take pride in the creativity of our staff – and that’s why your guests will talk about your event days, weeks and months later.



One thing’s certain: by the time we’re at your side to make sure the event proceeds smoothly, you will love us. We spread peace, not stress, but at the same time we don’t miss a beat. We will rock the boat – gently.

You have something in mind? We’re ready to help!